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Why Psychiatry is important?

Dr Cilliers uses a bio-psychosocial approach to diagnose and treat. Many disorders such as Bipolar Mood Disorder have a strong genetic (biological) foundation. Biological (medical) intervention may thus be necessary. The psychosocial factors must, however, be integrated in the treatment.

In another condition, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) for example,  the main cause is a psychosocial event such as a life-threatening event. Here psychosocial factors are addressed by means of CBT. The biological factors need to be addressed by means of the judicious use of appropriate medication.

Six of the top 10 most disabling disorders in the world have a psychiatric origin. The prediction is that by the year 2020, major depression will be the most disabling condition in the world.

Physical (biological) and psychiatric illnesses are interlinked. Physical illnesses can cause or aggravate some psychiatric disorders. Similarly, physical illnesses are often caused by psychiatric illnesses.

Major depression is, for instance, identified as a major factor in ischaemic heart disease. There is conclusive evidence that the treatment of psychiatric disorders leads to better general health and lower general medical expenses.